Sunday, December 6, 2015

tiny apartment. manhattan living room.

Not so little Baby Hank.

Restoration Hardware inspired print making cabinet.
Custom made by Carl Kocis.
Curtains: king size sheets from Lot Less.

Close up of rough cut pine with H&M home candles. 

North facing window to Grand St. (chinatown / little italy / soho area)

Restoration Hardware inspired coffee table push cart.
Custom made by Carl Kocis.

Make shift mantle.
Pipe & old beams from a demo of another apartment in our building.

The East wall.
Salon station that my husband built on the left & custom hutches to the left & right of the mantle/tv.
Vintage wheel above the tv from the BK Flea.


We have zero closets in our apartment so we have 2 of these custom armoire.

Best ikea hack! 
Standard Ikea Mongstad mirror on hinges, turns it into a door which hides our 1 closet. 
Ok, so we do have 1 closet.

Leather couch acquired from Craigslist, somewhere in central jersey for $400.
Pipe and wood shelves with spotlights on a dimmer switch.

Check out my Kitchen to see more!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

design resource. pixeden.

i am absolutely in love with these still life mockups!  available to download
through pixeden, premium membership costs about $10 a month. 
if you are someone that frequently needs design templates or web resources, 
it's definitely worth it. they have so many cool things to download. 
this series is just one of my favorites :)


doing your own gel manicure at home is seriously the best!
sure, i miss a certain aspect of going to my ghetto ass nail salon on clinton street, but it literally saves major bucks. even my cheap spot costs around $30 with tip. the lifespan is just a smidge shorter, but i don't mind doing it once a week. especially while binge watching gossip girl, which i'm doing right now!

Friday, March 20, 2015

spring moods. en plein air

Happy Spring Equinox!

Maybe you aren't swapping your Sorel's for sandal's just yet, but it won't be long now. 
In the meantime, I made this pretty little spring mood board 
to inspire you for the brighter days ahead.

aquamarine - scuba blue - lucite green - classic blue
colors via

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

diy. varsity letter sweater.

In honor of St. Patrick's day, as a newly minted Gallagher (my husband is 100% irish), 
I made this GALLAGHER varsity letter sweater! If only it were green.

1. red sweater or whatever you like. Similar to mine here.
2. matching thread
3. scissors
4. 2" chenille iron on letters. Similar here.
(optional) iron

open all of your letters and decide on your layout.

i decided to break apart my last name into 3 lines. after you lay it out, it works best to hit it with an iron and a pressing cloth. but definitely plan on  stitching down your letters, works best for longevity. 

simple tack stitching goes quick, no sewing machine necessary. done and done. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

our wedding in five minutes flat. much love to NST Pictures.

NST Pictures was just amazing, I really can't say enough positive words about them and their crew!
My husband and I were beyond lucky to WIN a full cinematic videography package from their summer/fall 2014 giveaway. Like seriously lucky. Like almost $10,000 lucky.  Like memories for a lifetime lucky. So happy to have such a beautifully done wedding film (short).  And to think, we still have the full length feature (25 minutes) to gush over (as it's currently in edit mode).

i got married!

On January 17th, 2015 - I got married! 
Sean & I were so happy to have Phil Chester capture our day for us.
He's seriously the best.

Here are twenty of my favorite photos from the day...