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Bright colors and geometric patterns are decidedly on-trend right now, and it looks like it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Who doesn’t love a punch of color that is fun, bold, and feminine? We’ve been seeing the trend everywhere from necklaces to hair wraps, but especially on our favorite accessory: nails. If you’re too nervous or don’t have a work environment that lends itself to bold hues or crazy designs, nails are a safe place to try something a bit more bold. Being on-trend doesn’t have to mean being over-the-top, after all.

When we tweet out for #NailCall every week, I am constantly amazed at the manicure TwitPics that we receive. From gorgeous summer shades (that I immediately add to my shopping list) to intricate nail art designs, we certainly have a talented group! I impress myself when I can apply nail stickers correctly, so the fact that most of you can DIY your own nail art, has me extremely jealous.

Even though we are currently loving what has come to be known as the “matchy-matchy” trend, where you match your nails (often in one solid color) to your lips, we can’t seem to get past our love of nail art. Whether it is a complicated design or just a simple swipe of a black diagonal line, adding just a touch of something to our nails is a trend that seems to be sticking around.

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