Friday, March 30, 2012


Out Of Control. things got a little crayzeee.
3 colors. pink & white base.
black detail brush.
1 leopard konad stamp & 
one bobby pin for dotting.
only took an hour :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY. slap dash - painted crystals.

Tom Binns - Slap Dash Collar
Neon painted Swarovski crystal collar necklace in a silver setting.
$1,750.00 [sold out everywhere]

I can't find the price points for the rest of the originals but i'm sure they are crazy expensive!

My Versions...

Fist, I used a black sharpie and colored in some of the crystals. 
Second, I used nail polish remover to take off the marker... 
I did this to give it a bit of a stain because it was just too sparkly. 
Then I used my forever 21 nail polish in neon yellow and 
slathered on a couple of coats over some sporadic gems. 

Necklace & earring combo set at 'So Good' jewelry for $18. 
Usually $35.99 but everything is always half off and it's actually really pretty and feels sturdy!

Note: The inspiration jewelry seems to be a bit sloppier, 
so no need to be careful, slather away.

neon yellow nail polish $2.80

five leaves.

FINALLY got to try Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn after hearing raves 
about their shepherds pie & steamed mussels!  I think I have a new favorite restaurant!

Ft. Knox: cocktail recipe via the daily meal 
I've been dabbling with bourbon cocktails lately, but bourbon cocktails for ladies.
I like the taste of bourbon but I need it to be cut with lots of sweet. This was perfect!

House Made Ricotta $11
with figs, fresh thyme, honeycomb, maldon sea salt & fruit~nut bread 

This dish was definitely my favorite thing there, closely behind the mussels.
This is their photo from their site which appears slightly more appealing then my photo.

Top Left: Steamed Mussels w coconut~saffron sauce, chilies, scallions & grilled sour dough $14
Top Right: Sweet & Spicy Brussel Sprouts with toasted pecans $6
Bottom: my photos of the house made ricotta... Mmmm.

Top: Organic Lamb Shepherd's Pie with honey roasted root vegetables $18
Bottom Left: Risotto of Duck Confit & Roasted Pumpkin 
with wild mushroom, sweet ginger & mascarpone  $19
Bottom Right: Mediterranean Sea Bass grilled whole with braised fennel, 
meyer lemons, green olives & marcona almonds $24 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

avon SALE > eyebrow perfection.

I've shared with you my favorite eyebrow pencil before, but when I went to re-order today I discovered that they are on mega-sale!!! Usually $6 each, right now they are 2 for $3.99 from

I order the blonde color & it's the perfect shade for my coloring & complexion, 
even if my eyebrows are darkened, works great!  I buy in bulk, get it while it's cheap!

Monday, March 19, 2012

hair idol.

Kate Bock's hair is amazing! I only wish I could grow my hair to be this full.
The only time my hair even sort of resembled this look was when I had a whole pack
of Hotheads put in.  It was glorious while it lasted.

Ladies, if you have thick luscious hair... let it be long.

images via zac

diy. painted pearls.

  My roommate gave me these giant vintage Chanel pearl clip on earrings 
for my birthday but they needed a face lift. [per her suggestion]

All you do is take a nail polish color of your choice [mine was forever 21 :: pink]  
and carefully paint over the center pearl.  I did about 3 coats.  You can sort of still see 
the original pearl around the edges, but nothing that anyone else will ever notice.  

If you don't have Chanel earrings, 
just grap something that needs an update 
& slather some nail polish on it.
Have fun!

Friday, March 16, 2012

BabyCakes jamo cupcakes.

This little bakery is just down the street from my apartment 
& if history repeats itself tomorrow, they will be serving up...
Jameson Soaked Vanilla Cupcakes wih a Shamrock Reduction Vanilla Frosting!!!

I popped in today, hoping they would have them a day early 
& the girl working behind the counter seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. 
I'll keep my fingers crossed though because I badly want them!

Another looming temptation are these addictive minis...
bite size baby cupcakes, so you can eat at least 6 before you start to hate yourself.

I don't stand a chance against these guys...

irish plaid.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

some like it hot pink. splurge vs. steal.

When I found out Brad Goreski was hired as the exclusive brand designer for Kate Spade, everything suddenly made sense!  I hadn't really questioned it prior to, but I had been noticing myself wandering through their website, taking special notice of their brightly colored handbags and piped trench coats. When I would pass by their Broome Street store, I suddenly had the urge to go in.  I was into it. I had become a fan!  And then I found out why.  Brad is fantastic, he's a great stylist, an entertaining tv personality AND obviously kicked up Kate Spade's cred a few notches in a lot of ladies books.  

But at the end of the day, 
it's not likely that I'm spending $400 
on a hot pink hand bag, 
so I decided to scope out the options. 

Brad's style tips are scattered 
throughout their website.



Oddly it's not listed on their website [only Zappos], 
but I just bought mine in SoHo last Friday & it's awesome.


MCENROE in neon green <3 rad.
Both colors are available from ASOS
for $64.46 which is even more random.

And the cognac color is currently on sale through
for $29.48.  Even though the graphic shows neon green, 
it's the brown color 'cognac' that's actually available and on sale.
Don't be fooled. The only colors available from are brown and black.

And lastly, here is another version by McQ 
that reaches far, far out of the boundaries of my price range.