Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY. slap dash - painted crystals.

Tom Binns - Slap Dash Collar
Neon painted Swarovski crystal collar necklace in a silver setting.
$1,750.00 [sold out everywhere]

I can't find the price points for the rest of the originals but i'm sure they are crazy expensive!

My Versions...

Fist, I used a black sharpie and colored in some of the crystals. 
Second, I used nail polish remover to take off the marker... 
I did this to give it a bit of a stain because it was just too sparkly. 
Then I used my forever 21 nail polish in neon yellow and 
slathered on a couple of coats over some sporadic gems. 

Necklace & earring combo set at 'So Good' jewelry for $18. 
Usually $35.99 but everything is always half off and it's actually really pretty and feels sturdy!

Note: The inspiration jewelry seems to be a bit sloppier, 
so no need to be careful, slather away.

neon yellow nail polish $2.80

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  1. Wow you have really great ideas! Keep it up :)