Tuesday, September 18, 2012

blue hair love.

I finally took the blue hair plunge yesterday at
Sally Hershberger Salon with with master colorist Sean Gallagher!
And I am in love with it!

To get this shade of blue, it was not as simple as you might think.  Many 
test pieces were processed & variations were tested.  Manic Panic
makes a light blue color called Bad Boy Blue, but don't for a second think that
that's all you need.  

The formula was kept a secret from me, because I 
tend to overshare so my only advice is this. 

Go to a pro & definitely don't try to dilute the manic panic 
with conditioner (like many blogs say). the blue turns sea foam green.

the color looks much darker here. 
the sun light makes it look pastel.

other blue haired ladies to gather inspiration from.