Wednesday, March 7, 2012

birthday musings.

it's my birthday!

age one: the beginning of my love for cake.

pisces choon :: water sign
 by chris theibert of

cupcake nails! on my list of mani's.

betsey johnson b-day party. my kind of celebration! 

wildfox dreaming. want. want. want. want.

last years 27th birthday party pics. that makes me 28.
Van Halen's Jump was #1 the week I was born in 1984.
I love this song! I used to jam out to it in high school during track season
before I would do {win} the high jump, it seemed fitting.

Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984. 2 months before I arrived on this earth.
crazy how far apple has come! 

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