Tuesday, March 13, 2012

some like it hot pink. splurge vs. steal.

When I found out Brad Goreski was hired as the exclusive brand designer for Kate Spade, everything suddenly made sense!  I hadn't really questioned it prior to, but I had been noticing myself wandering through their website, taking special notice of their brightly colored handbags and piped trench coats. When I would pass by their Broome Street store, I suddenly had the urge to go in.  I was into it. I had become a fan!  And then I found out why.  Brad is fantastic, he's a great stylist, an entertaining tv personality AND obviously kicked up Kate Spade's cred a few notches in a lot of ladies books.  

But at the end of the day, 
it's not likely that I'm spending $400 
on a hot pink hand bag, 
so I decided to scope out the options. 

Brad's style tips are scattered 
throughout their website.



Oddly it's not listed on their website [only Zappos], 
but I just bought mine in SoHo last Friday & it's awesome.


MCENROE in neon green <3 rad.
Both colors are available from ASOS
for $64.46 which is even more random.

And the cognac color is currently on sale through Aldo.com
for $29.48.  Even though the graphic shows neon green, 
it's the brown color 'cognac' that's actually available and on sale.
Don't be fooled. The only colors available from Aldo.com are brown and black.

And lastly, here is another version by McQ 
that reaches far, far out of the boundaries of my price range.  


  1. Naturally I like the priciest one the best (I'm a sucker for studs) but I'd wear the others too.

  2. you can always try studding things yourself. you can order dome studs off of ebay or www.studsandspikes.com. it hurts your fingers after awhile though and it can take awhile.