Monday, July 30, 2012

diy. shrinky dink necklace.

Finally got around to using my Shrinky Dinks!
My inspiration comes from these wonderful clown eyelashes that 
I stumbled across online.  This just goes to show you that
you can find inspiration anywhere!
Eyelashes available here! Shrinky Dinks available at

I printed the above picture at 50% of the original size & used that as my guide.

(under $7 from amazon!)
black sharpie
hole punch
jump rings
chain & clasp

& the use of an oven.

Other cool shrinky dinks necklaces...

super duper

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

staple shoes. fleece slip ons.

Love the Sanuk brand!  
These slip ons are great for now, but will be perfect when it gets a little bit cooler.

My favorite t-shirts are the grey jersey knit kind 
that are so soft and effortless & just seem to go with everything.
So these could not be more perfect!

Available from for $44.99 with free next day shipping. 
They don't have half sizes & usually I would go up a size, but in this case, I went down.
Get them!

vintage family photos.

On my recent visit home to Ohio, my mom had a huge box filled with 
old black & white family photos.  Hundreds of them, most with a pencil inscription
of who is in the photo as well as the year. Super organized for a box of random photos.

My mom, Connie, kept emphasizing that they didn't have much money growing up 
on the farm, but judging by their clothes, giant birthday cakes, motorcycles, toys & sheer amount of photos that accumulated... it seems hard to believe.  
But super fun to look at!

John Bergman, Elmer Bergman, Mike Bergman,???

Left: "Connie & Johnny 1957"         Right: ????

"Mike & C" 1959
C. 7 Mike 14
(mom & uncle mike)

Left: 7/10/53 Connie (10 months) & Elmer Bergman    Right: "Daddy & Clara" 1935??

"16 months John" Bergman

Left: "6th Birthday" 1958       Right: "Connie 4th Birthday 1956"

No writing on the back of this photo & no one can identify any of these kids.
All I know is that the girl on the right with the big front wheel is super adorable!

Mike Bergman - 1949

Back: John Worthman, Gladys Magsig, Lyla Magsig, Donald Magsig
Front: Betty Magsig (Grandma), Charles Worthman

"Elmer & Me" 1941

Connie 1958

"J. H. Bergman homestead" 
"Nov. 1942"
"Our Home in the Country"
Betty Magsig 1927 (my grandma)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pointillism manicure.

Pointillism:: the theory or practice in art of applying small strokes 
or dots of color to a surface so that from a distance they blend together

Super Easy Manicure with my new dotting tool.
You can find them at most beauty supply stores.
or here.

I like to use Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Extreme Wear
in White On - because it's the whitest white I've ever found.
Base color is always interchangeable. 

All you have to do is make a pool of polish on some scrap paper,
and keep dipping the dotting tool to load it up with some paint,
and dot it onto your nail bed.

Perhaps the most famous painting by the technique or pointillism.

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 
(Un dimanche après-midi à l’Ile de la Grande Jatte), 
Georges Seurat, 1884-1886.

The Beauty Department