Thursday, December 29, 2011

blue balls - five & dime.

Vintage - Blue 
Ball - Perfect Mason Jars

Spending some time in rural Ohio this week & stopped in the old five & dime that sells antiques.
Last week at the Brooklyn Flea market I spotted 3 of the large size jars for $7 a piece but opted not to grab 'em up.  Found the same ones today for under $2 each, so I bought most of their collection & plan on going back tomorrow out of regret for not buying the rest.  Also, found a great collection of insulators... I left with a pretty great color  & shape assortment.  Many flower vases, mason jar chandeliers & lighting fixtures to ensue. 

today's finds:
4 medium blue ball perfect mason jars
4 large blue ball perfect mason jars
1 wide mouth clear ball mason jar
1 atlas strong shoulder mason jar
5 insulators: 2 blue & 3 clear

 more from the five&dime.
elephants part one.

elephants part two.

the birds.

quite the assortment of unicorns.

gladiators ready?

robin & robin.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

winter brights.

I'm planning to brighten up the dreary coming months by adding some color to my wardrobe by way of accessories.  I usually stick to a monochromatic black wardrobe for a few reasons but accessories are fair game. 

For Christmas... 
I finally got the Pendleton Mesa Messanger bag that I've been coveting...
And I got another gorgeous vintage macreme style bag from the Brooklyn Flea Market

Add this embroidered coin purse in from Pier1 and it's a party.

winter nails.

getting organized. moleskine 2012.

 A New Year means a new day planner!  

I came across this color a month day planner set on
So perfect & only $26.37.

cheap specks.

I've been ordering from Zenni Optical for over a year now and am so happy with the idea of getting some pretty wacky prescription frames without having to shell out big money... Plus I don't have a valid prescription so this site is perfect.   Only problem is that you can't try before you buy, so I usually order a few pairs (because they are so cheap) & usually at least one of them work for my face.  

Here is the pair I just ordered tonight and am crossing my fingers that they are a winner.

They do have a feature where you can "virtually" try them on.  
It's not a perfect science but at least it's something.  

My new frames with lenses for $25.95.  (opted for the anti-reflective coating for an additional $4.95)
Grand total with shipping for prescription frames: $35

I hope I love them.

tree branch. diy.

DIY idea. I found a few pretty special little branches today.  And I was inspired to possibly create something with them.  So far, I'm just rounding up ideas... Here's what I found.  Other ideas are welcome... 

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I've been so busy this month that I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like...  I have so many projects & ideas bouncing around in my head and am so excited for life to slow down in January so I have more free time on my hands.

 On another note, Santa was good to me this year and I am so excited about a few of the gifts I received.  Mostly because they are going to help me with my blogging/vlogging.  

 Notable items :)
 PowerShot Pro Electric Staple & Nail Gun 
KitchenAid Mixer in Pistachio Green
GorillaPod by Joby for my digital camera
& a Canon HD Video Camcorder (VIXIA HV40)
wtih a wide angle adapter lens

And... a new sewing machine from my mom has been discussed. 
( my Kenmore from 1974 just isn't cutting it anymore)

such a beauty. <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

holiday nails.

my holiday nails! 
probably the first of 2, because it's only Thursday.

OPI - Jade is the new black
Angled Tips: (visible on my middle finger)
Sally Hanson Extreme Wear - Emerald City
Snow flake stamp:
Konad Plate M59 in Sally Hanson Extreme Wear - White On
(easily the most opaque white I've found)
Top Coat:
Opted for a appropriate glitter finish
in Sally Hason Diamonds

Other musings & inspirations.

Hand painted snowflake tutorial from Refinery 29.