Friday, August 5, 2011

5 things I love about this summer.

1. Braids
For frizz prone hair, braids are sometimes the only solution to the 100% humidity problemo.
It gets your hair out of your face and can potentially look really polished.
If you don't know how to braid... try getting on and watching some tutorials, and start practicing!

2. Parasols
Fact: 80% of visible skin aging is caused by sun exposure
As far as I am concerned, the sun is my worst enemy. So why not get yourself an adorable parasol to shield your pristine skin from it's evil ways. I got mine from Pearl River, which generally stocks a fun selection of hand painted parasols for under $10.

3. Faux Tans
I have been in the practice of artificial bronzing since approximately the 7th grade... and even I still have an occasional user error... But if you must, and sometimes you do... this is by far the best at home product I have tried. My only recommendation is that you wear rubber gloves underneath a wash cloth mit... because it stains your hands like no other... and that is NOT a good look for anyone.

If you want to splurge, Suvara spray tans are like magic.
It was truly a flawless tan that lasted about a week, but the price tag is close to $100 a session... compared to the St. Tropez tanning mousse that is under $40 from Sephora, and you can probably get 10 - 15 applications from it...

4. Alexandra Rothwell Beaded Earrings
I am obsessed with these earrings! I actually own the pair all the way to the right.
Every pair is one of a kind, hand crafted, color consulted... and absolutely amazing.
They are great for all seasons but so much fun for the summer!

Check out her website
and oogle over them like me...

5. Retro Swimwear

Old School Bikinis and maillots... I need not say more.

this is mine... which I found at Enz's in the East Village.

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