Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY. blank canvas wedges.

I found some really comfortable wedge sandals at Old Navy (on sale for $25) recently... the only problem is that they were white.  They were already getting dirty in the store, so I knew it would just be a matter of time before I destroyed them.  So I decided to get them and dye them myself!  
after photo of my handy work.
This is the way the shoe comes, it's really a great blank canvas to get creative. I decided to keep it simple, but I definitely did some brainstorming.  The only think I wouldn't recommend is drawing on them with a sharpie because it will bleed on the canvas & if they get wet... you're probably in trouble.

I considered spray paint, studding, & even embroidering... so many options.
(maybe i'll pick up another pair)

1. tape off any area that you definitely don't want to get dye on. 
no matter how careful you are... just tape it off.

2. boil a pot of water. nothing i did was a perfect science.  
I imagine that I used about 4 cups of water 
and emptied half of the iDye (or any fabric dye) in hot pink packet into the container
& let it dissolve. (i did not use salt)

3. use a spray bottle and spray the canvas with water so the dye absorbs evenly

4. carefully use a paint brush and cover the canvas with the color of your choice.
do a couple of coats if you want a more intense color.
because of the shape of the shoe, you aren't able to dip or submerge it into the dye.

5. remove the tape & let them dry out & you're done. super easy.

The other color option they come in, 
which I purchased as well... 
but I really like the neon yellow...
so I'm not going to touch it.

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  1. Your DIYs are great ! I am currently working on a fringe necklace myself.