Wednesday, July 25, 2012

vintage family photos.

On my recent visit home to Ohio, my mom had a huge box filled with 
old black & white family photos.  Hundreds of them, most with a pencil inscription
of who is in the photo as well as the year. Super organized for a box of random photos.

My mom, Connie, kept emphasizing that they didn't have much money growing up 
on the farm, but judging by their clothes, giant birthday cakes, motorcycles, toys & sheer amount of photos that accumulated... it seems hard to believe.  
But super fun to look at!

John Bergman, Elmer Bergman, Mike Bergman,???

Left: "Connie & Johnny 1957"         Right: ????

"Mike & C" 1959
C. 7 Mike 14
(mom & uncle mike)

Left: 7/10/53 Connie (10 months) & Elmer Bergman    Right: "Daddy & Clara" 1935??

"16 months John" Bergman

Left: "6th Birthday" 1958       Right: "Connie 4th Birthday 1956"

No writing on the back of this photo & no one can identify any of these kids.
All I know is that the girl on the right with the big front wheel is super adorable!

Mike Bergman - 1949

Back: John Worthman, Gladys Magsig, Lyla Magsig, Donald Magsig
Front: Betty Magsig (Grandma), Charles Worthman

"Elmer & Me" 1941

Connie 1958

"J. H. Bergman homestead" 
"Nov. 1942"
"Our Home in the Country"
Betty Magsig 1927 (my grandma)

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