Sunday, March 3, 2013

ambitious baking. blueberry ombre.

the most ambitious cake i ever made. 

2 boxes of vanilla cake mix
2 boxes of vanilla frosting
4 cups of blueberries 
eggs, water & oil (as directed on the box)
* i substitute apple sauce for oil

1. in a large bowl mix all of the ingredients together as directed on the box.
or make a cake from scratch if you have time for that. (i do not)

2. i ended up using four cups of blueberries in total - 
but simmered them on the stove in 3 different batches. 
I threw in some water & sugar cubes initially but it was probably unnecessary.
cook the berries on the stove until the you see a deep purple liquid.

3. slowly add the blueberries to the cake mix until you get your desired shade of blue.
pour into a round cake pan & bake. repeat the process for all layers adding more blueberries to each layer. cook time will increase for each batch. my top layer was very dense with blueberries.

full disclosure: 
this cake took like 4 hours to make because i was rotating cake pans (having only 2).
i was trying to have it done in time for an oscar party and probably could have cooked some layers for a little bit longer. it ended up falling over after i cut into it. but does not mean it was not AMAZING!
it was AMAZING. definitely needs some tweaking but it's a pretty simple concept.

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  1. mniammm
    I have to try to make this cake :)