Thursday, June 12, 2014

diy. dylanlex.

Not my best step by step DIY tutorial, but forgive me. 
I've been out of the habit of blogging and made this back in February. But none the less, I'm back & am pretty proud of this!  I'm so obsessed with DYLANLEX, I was actually going to buy the FALKOR necklace and justify it as a 'wedding expense', but they don't have a showroom and I found out that it weighs 1 pound so I had to give up on my dream. 

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I've always been a collector do vintage crystals, and have accumulated quite a collection, so once I committed to hacking up some of my favorite jewels, I knew I had to end up with something I would be proud to wear.  I think I attempted this / reworked it about 4 times before I ended up with something I wanted to wear.  I think the trick is the trial & error.  I tried so many different arrangements and chain lengths and there really isn't an easier way.  Each time I thought I finished I would wear it out and realize that in real life, it didn't have quite right.  But after the third attempt, I tweaked it for the final time.  

It's a pretty simple concept and no two DIY versions will come out alike, but hopefully this will serve as inspiration for a creation of your own.

Supplies I used:

2 vintage crystal necklaces
3 necklace from 'so good' jewelry 
(they usually have 50% off - but not always)
1 urban outfitters mercer bib necklace
small and large jump rings (large assortment)
1 pair of pliers 
1 pair of wire cutters

my total cost:
probably around $100.

Things I learned from doing it wrong:
Less delicate vintage necklaces & more chunky tribal necklace will make it more sturdy
Don't attach everything. The urban outfitters necklace is an independent, & I layer it underneath
Try it on each time you add something to make sure it looks as good on as it does off
I overclose my jump rings to make it stronger

It will take you awhile. Have fun.

found the same one here for a lot more then i paid

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