Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sephora is my happy place.

Note: the only make-up on my face in the photo are the products I've reviewed below with the exception of the Trish McEvoy eyebrow pencil which I love love love.

I've been looking for a new oil control face powder due to the fact that I went through my Peter Thomas Roth on-the-go powder in under 3 weeks. Not cool considering it was $30, or maybe I just used way too much. I really do like the product and will probably continue purchasing it in the summer because of the spf quality. But for now, I decided to try Benefit's Get Even ($30).

So far, I like it but I haven't yet worn it to an 8 hr restaurant shift so we'll see if it does it's job. I will say that typically whenever I buy make-up, I waste no time choosing a shade. I just find the lightest color and buy it. Luckily for me I take pleasure in looking ghostly white. So keep that in mind if you try this one out. I actually may have been able to go a shade darker but I like being ultra pale, so if that's not your thing you might try the next shade.

Face: Benefit's Get Even Pressed Powder ($30), Boi-ing Concealer ($18)

Lips: Sephora Brand Rouge Cream Lipstick ($12)
This shit is DARK. Darker in person actually. But it's nice to have options in your collection. Again, this is a shade that works well with fare skin.

Update: Really like this color, but it's so dark that you really need a lip liner. I looked for one at Sephora but couldn't seem to find the right shade, so I bought Revlon's Color Stay lip liner in Raisin... Seems to be just about right.

Lashes: Maybelline - The Falsies Volume Express $10
I was told that this product was really good, so I thought I'd give it a shot... It's pretty good for a drugstore mascara. I still have a spot in my heart for Benefit's Bad Gal Lash but I guess it's nice to switch it up or to keep something less expensive in your purse. It did make my lashes look really long but not super thick. Bottom line, I'm not blown away but it's probably worth $10.

Update: I really hate this mascara. It's to hard to layer... I vote no.

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