Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY. navajo blanket buckle boots.

Things you need:

old cowboy boots & 2 belts
scissors, a hot glue gun & lots of glue
aztec/southwestern/navajo wool fabric (1/4 yard is plenty)

total cost for my project:
vintage cowboy boots: $11 (salvation army)
southwestern-ish fabric: $12.50 (mood)
2 faux suede belts: $5.99 each (necessary clothing)

project total: about $35.50
total time: 1 hour 


belt selection.

blue southwestern wool.  
when cutting the fabric, cut a small slit and tear it the rest of the way.
that way you get a more frayed effect. rustic. 

cut a slit half way down the back so the leather folds down a little bit easier...

the first piece of fabric should be just a little smaller then the height of fold over.

use hot glue to secure the fabric to the underside of the flap so it will not be seen.

this is what the back should look like... after both sides have been secured.

tear a smaller piece of fabric to be used to cover the top fold of the boot.

hot glue in place.

tear 4 more small pieces per boot to be used to cover the lower part of the boot.

carefully glue it under the main piece of fabric and to the under side of the boot.
do this to all remaining areas where the original boot can be seen.

add your belts to the center of each boot.
i used a small amount of glue to secure the excess length of each belt. 


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