Thursday, August 9, 2012

diy. anthropologie eyelash lace sweater.

Anthropologie: $128 - diy: approx. $55



available here from anthropologie

1 cream/neutral sweater
(uniqlo $29.90)

A solid assortment of laces that color match
(if you can find eyelash scalloped lace,
you'll be in good shape)

The thinner and light weight the lace, the better.
if it starts to get bulky, it will weigh down the sweater
and be less then flattering.  I didn't use scalloped lace & 
had to do some tailoring so it was fitted & flattering.

Scissors, a nice solid spool of thread, pins & needles

Here is an example of eyelash scalloped lace from etsy.

Uniqlo sweater (can't buy online).

My assortment of laces and trimmings.
I went to MJ Trimmings for the best selection, so I didn't go cheap.
I spent around $50, but got enough lace to make 2.

Lay out all of your laces and map out your game plan.

Be sure to start sewing from the bottom layer up.

Quick tack stitches are all you need.  
You'll be drycleaning it anway, but you 
can always add more stitching at the end.

I ended up taking mine in with my sewing machine because I 
wanted it to be fitted and not loose. The weight of the lace made it
a little bulky.  This slight alteration was all I needed.  If you do this, 
before you cut off the excess, make sure you do a double stitch
so it wont fray and come undone. 


  1. Omg, adorable! (you AND the sweater). You did a great job on this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job!..looks beautiful on you.