Tuesday, August 14, 2012

pastel hair [still sticking around].

At the news stand Sunday evening, while picking up my weekly copy of Time Out New York, I was  skimming the pages of the September French Vogue.  I wasn't yet ready to drop $15.99 for a magazine, so I took it in quickly.  

One thing I was surprised to see was their page dedicated to pastel hair! Still I thought?  
I was under the impression that dip dyed, dunk it or cotton candy colored hair had been on the way out, but perhaps it deserves another look. 

Luckily since the trend has been hanging around for a bit, 
there are a few less then permanent options for the ladies who are unwilling to commit. 
But by far, the best temporary solution is chalk staining.  If you've been under a rock, here's are some pictures to refresh your memory.

color bug      -      chalk tutorial

image via new york girl style 

image via lila boheme

image via lila boheme

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