Friday, August 9, 2013

diy leather collar.

thrift store leather to repurpose
black felt
e-6000 craft adhesive & wooden sticks
fabric scissors
black embroidery floss & needle
hook & eye for closure
& approximately 40 black tube beads


1. cut your collar out of your repurposed leather. 
it's best to first create a stencil & then cut to make sure you will be happy with your shape.

2. take your piece of felt and cut a section large enough so you can glue your leather on top.
the felt is important because the leather will likely be pretty thin, it will add a secure backing.
you really need fabric scissors as well, regular scissors will literally just chew on the felt.

3. with your e-6000 and wooden stick, spread a thin layer of glue on the backside of your leather.

4. flip it over and press it down firmly to the felt. it will create a very strong bond once it dries.

5. with fabric scissors - cut the excess felt away from the leather.

6. now that you have your basic framework, take your black embroidery floss and tack stitch down all of the edges. it's difficult to get glue to the very edge, so stitching solves the problem. 

7. now decorate however you like! i used Swarovski crystals and tube beads.
when you're done just add a hook and eye to close the front. 

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