Sunday, August 11, 2013

diy doughnut sweater.

enjoying a peach yeast doughnut at the doughnut plant on grand & essex today, 
contrary to my lackluster expression - it was AMAZING!!! 

1 grey sweater/sweatshirt
(mine cashmere blend from uniqlo for $30)
1 standard piece of felt - pastel pink
various round objects to trace circumference 
safety pins for placement
an assortment of tube beads, sequins and seed beads
1 bead needle, 1 embroider needle
1 white skein of embroidery floss

i just learned the definition of the word skien***
A length of thread or yarn wound in a loose long coil
those wrapped colors of embroidery floss are indeed called skeins


cut your piece of felt into a circle with a hole in the center
- easiest to trace existing objects for your perfect circle.

stitch down all of your beads & sequins. 
try to keep your back side stitches relatively close together, 
your beading will be more secure that way.  

here, i've done a blanket stitch to create some depth for the rounded edges of the doughnut. 
it can be a little confusing to start, but once you get moving, it's mindless. if you need to see a video, this youtube video is a great reference. you just have to adjust it a little. just practice for a minute, you'll get it. first stitch comes up from behind - second over to the side. 

more from the doughnut plant. mmmm.

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