Sunday, July 6, 2014

tiny apartment: manhattan kitchen.

Living in Manhattan certainly has his advantages and conveniences, but one of the most compromised luxury of mine is definitely the space.  It can be very frustrating and challenging at times, but generally all worth it end.  I'm currently living in a 7-floor walk up (yes, you read that right) apartment bordering Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho & Nolita.  

When I look across the street I see Di Palo's Italian Meat & Cheese shop, to my left Ferrara's Italian Bakery,  I can hop down the street for a super cheap Chinatown massage (it's really not that shady)  or walk to the bank past a questionable fish market through a  sea of Chinese people freaking out over $2 socks from a street vendor. What's up with that?  And then of course all of your classic shopping on Broadway is just a few more steps the other direction where you will find things like Starbucks, TopShop & H&M.  It's really is a great location with so many different identities! I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

Which brings me to today's post.  Luckily my fiance is incredibly handy and he has the most innovative ideas when it comes to saving space.  He get's so creative that sometimes I don't even understand his vision until it's complete.  Having limited cabinet space he built a 3-tier shelving system with a pipe on top (see the last picture) to hang pots off it.  Basically everything in our kitchen is visible so I have to keep it aesthetically pleasing.  

Keep checking back for the rest of the apartment as I plan to photograph the rest soon.
There is 1 ikea hack that is pure genius.


 Here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen, 
some of them aren't exact but similar... just incase you like what you see. 

my mint green metal canisters are sadly sold out but they were from pier1. 
if you are ever able to track them down they match the pistachio kitchenaid perfectly. 

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