Thursday, October 20, 2011

handmade halloween. DIY.

Handmade Halloween Cards.

All supplies purchased from Micheal's craft store.
Just remember that envelopes will likely be needed,
so keep that in mind when deciding on the size of the card,
or else you will be making your own envelopes.

work space.

martha stewart crafts.

halloween ribbon. not the actual ribbon i used, but very similar.

water color paper or heavy card stock in a neutral color
scrap booking paper in festive patterns/colors (orange, black, etc)
or Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween mat pad (pictured above)
halloween appropriate ribbon ($1 spools from Michael's crafts)
stickers, buttons, felt shapes, letters, etc.
hot glue gun, scissors, packaging tape

start off with your water color paper, or card stock.
fold it in half, creating a card.
mix and match papers & patterns, ribbons & buttons and stickers & letters

I mostly used the packing tape to secure the ribbon to the backside of the scrapbook paper... then hot glued the scrap book paper to the card stock to hide the edges.
but there really is no wrong way to do it. get crazy. it's halloween!!!

This ones not handmade, but equally as adorable.
I got this from Target.

The inside says:
"So many door bells, so little time!"

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