Friday, October 8, 2010

clinton street nails.

A fairly recent discovery of mine in the LES are any & all nail salons on Clinton Street btw Delancey & Rivington. I've tried 3 of them out so far & I think I like Clinton Nail the best but they are closed on Sundays. fyi. Now to warn you... they are all kind of shit holes, however they are super mega cheap, they do a better job than many of the nicer places & they do those fancy ghetto nail designs (which is really the only reason for my affinity). For example, a mani/pedi runs you about $17. (bring your own polish though) Extra if you want them to use a razor on your feet and extra for designs but you can get the works for like $25. Screw the nail wraps they sell at Sephora... Here are some samples of my fancy nails.

Also, Forever 21 nailpolish is pretty legit. If you've never given it a shot I highly recommend it. It's only $2.80 & I think it's superior to OPI & Essie. Check it.

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