Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY. jewelry.

necklace organizer

supplies used: quark board, white spray paint, black & white images or magazine clippings & thumb tacks

Step 1: buy a cork board & spray paint it to desired color
Step 2: collect images and arrange them in a cohesive way that compliments your decor
Step 3: tack everything down, add extra tacks as needed.
Step 4: hang your necklaces from the tacks.

and you're done!


  1. did you do this yourself? love it! i need some ideas for a new shelf that I got from Ikea... i want to put books in it but also maybe make it look cute.. like a mirror on top? any ideas! help!

  2. of course I did it myself.... duh..
    a mirror would be great or you could mod podge the top... you should look into those vinyl placemats i posted in my drawer tutorial. i have them in black as well and i have them on top of my dresser. I think your book shelf is the same thing I have but smaller... you should make 2 drawers for the bottom and use the top 2 as a book shelf. just a thought.