Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY. drawers.

Custom bookshelf drawers on a budget.

supplies used: boxes, vinyl placemats, decorative knobs, packing tape, hot glue gun, tape measure, pen & a bubble envelope or some sort of wood backing.

white corrugated boxes $1.49 : the container store
lace design vinyl placemats $1.50 : pearl river mart
flat black round knob $2.49 : home depot

Step 1: assemble the boxes.

Step 2: find the center point of the box and hot glue the vinyl placemat over the box so that the center points are both aligned.

Step 3: Using an awl or very carefully a pair of scissors,
punch a hole through the center point and attach the knob.
Since we're using cardboard, you'll need some additional support & backing.
For now, I used a packing envelope to add some support, but ideally some thin wood backing would be better.

& you're done. Repeat as necessary.

Total Cost: around $35.00.

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