Sunday, October 10, 2010

threading & trish mcevoy.

While I was at Bloomingdales the other day, looking for ways to spend my hard earned money... I was just about out the door when I was approached by the Trish McEvoy salesperson... I've never tried any of their make-up, so I was ready to let him sell me some stuff. I wasn't ultra impressed with any of the products, but I thought I'd buy something anyway to be polite. I ended up getting the precision brow shaper, and I gotta say I'm actually very impressed with it. It's about $26, but so much better than any drugstore Maybelline or Covergirl pencil you can get. And it has this great little brush on the end to help blend it. I highly recommend it.

Also, if you've never had your eyebrows threaded before you should probably give it a shot. It really is such a great alternative to waxing. I personally think that it hurts less & it doesn't irritate your skin. I am very pale, and am back to normal after about 20 minutes.

The place that I really like in my neighborhood is called 'classic eyebrow threading zone'... and they get the job done for $7. It's in the LES on Clinton Street btw Delancey & Rivington, but really most places do a great job.

If you've never even heard of threading before, you should check this out...

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