Thursday, December 29, 2011

blue balls - five & dime.

Vintage - Blue 
Ball - Perfect Mason Jars

Spending some time in rural Ohio this week & stopped in the old five & dime that sells antiques.
Last week at the Brooklyn Flea market I spotted 3 of the large size jars for $7 a piece but opted not to grab 'em up.  Found the same ones today for under $2 each, so I bought most of their collection & plan on going back tomorrow out of regret for not buying the rest.  Also, found a great collection of insulators... I left with a pretty great color  & shape assortment.  Many flower vases, mason jar chandeliers & lighting fixtures to ensue. 

today's finds:
4 medium blue ball perfect mason jars
4 large blue ball perfect mason jars
1 wide mouth clear ball mason jar
1 atlas strong shoulder mason jar
5 insulators: 2 blue & 3 clear

 more from the five&dime.
elephants part one.

elephants part two.

the birds.

quite the assortment of unicorns.

gladiators ready?

robin & robin.

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