Sunday, December 25, 2011

cheap specks.

I've been ordering from Zenni Optical for over a year now and am so happy with the idea of getting some pretty wacky prescription frames without having to shell out big money... Plus I don't have a valid prescription so this site is perfect.   Only problem is that you can't try before you buy, so I usually order a few pairs (because they are so cheap) & usually at least one of them work for my face.  

Here is the pair I just ordered tonight and am crossing my fingers that they are a winner.

They do have a feature where you can "virtually" try them on.  
It's not a perfect science but at least it's something.  

My new frames with lenses for $25.95.  (opted for the anti-reflective coating for an additional $4.95)
Grand total with shipping for prescription frames: $35

I hope I love them.

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