Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY. mason jar chandelier. part 1.

Did anyone see the new footloose movie? me neither. okay, actually I did.
And... they made this really cool mason jar chandelier for the barn at the end... 
when they all finally get to dance! 
I haven't been able to find a photo... but it was really beautiful... 

Anyway... you can find the chandelier below at Pottery Barn for $399...
you can find similar ones on
or you can DIY and make it your own.

Here is one tutorial I found from Kara Paslay Design
but I'll be posting my own as it progresses.

Part one of this DIY series... is simply inspiration.
I've been searching images & starting to collect materials. 

from an etsy seller

The first item purchased for the project is 
this collapsable wire basket that I spotted at CB2 this afternoon.
I think it's going to be perfect for the framework.

side note: no one should be worried. 
all electrical wiring will either not be done by me lol 
or be heavily supervised by an experienced professional.


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