Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hunter: form + function

The weather in New York has been absolute crap for the last two days.  
Normally I appreciate a good rainy day or two because I am the polar opposite of most people.  
I prefer overcast to sunshine & winter blizzards to 87° and sunny.
But these last 2 days I actually had things to do and traipsing around the city in a down poor is not at the top of my most favorite things to do. Especially when you can't find your umbrella.

But... there is one thing that can brighten a rainy day & make you feel better about being soaking wet. 
Hunter Rain Boots available almost anywhere for about $125

The One Hundred by Nina Garcia
96. Wellington Boots
"Closet Obsession: Hunters are a UK institution. Every Brit has at least on pair in his or her closet, and the Royal Family always wears the classic green version for mucking about the country.  Because of their comfort and practicality, Wellies have become more than just a UK institution.  Women around the world eagerly order Wellies (and the ones who know what they are doing know how to order a size down from what they usually wear - they run big)." 

It's such a classic look. They are well worth their price.

oh yeah, this isn't me. incase you were wondering.

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