Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY. journal cover.

I've always held on to magazines for far too long, in the off chance that there is something I can salvage from their contents...  and today I decided to use a not-so-old, but super amazing LOVE No.6 autumn edition...  and hack it up into bits to create a journal cover! 

LOVE magazine filled with amazing typography and filigree...
perfect for chopping up...

Other great pages I found inside 
that I'm gonna hold on to for future projects.

I decided to go with 'private lives'... 
I thought it would be perfect for a journal/diary cover.

I started with a book blank that I acquired some time in elementary school 
and never got around to using it... but you can find them on amazon for around $3.

1. decide the placement of your clippings
2. paint a thin layer of rubber cement onto the book cover
3. paint a thin layer or rubber cement on to the back of the clipping
4. blow on each surface until they are tacky
5. stick them together for a permanent bond
6. use your finger tips to roll off the excess glue

I finished up with these alphabet stamps that I got from Michaels for around $2.
I couldn't find them online, but they were in the discount bargain bins last time I went.

I didn't have any numbers, so I opted to write out the year in letters.

practice sheet. cheap stamps need to be tested out first.


Tah-Dah!!! Now you have a one of a kind journal/diary!

The great thing about this project is that you can use any magazines or books you have laying around, just start cutting text, colors, textures, shapes, patterns etc. anything that seems to be visually appealing to you.... Have fun!

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