Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY. paint swatch valentines.

BEHR Premium Plus paint swatches from Home Depot are fantastic!  Because...
they are larger (6" long & 5" wide) then standard paint swatches which means that
there are so many more possibilities for re-use or up-cycling!  

Below are more samples of the quality swatches BEHR carries.
If you don't already know this... they're free (within reason).
I make it a point to grab a handful each time I hit up Home Depot, 
in the off-chance that I will find a use for them.

BEHR paint swatches
A2 4 3/8" X 5 3/4" size envelopes ( I got mine from BLICK)
rubber cement, scissors
heart hole punch
scrapbooking paper, notebook paper, doilies etc.
valentine sticker assortment
rubber alphabet stamps & ink
hot glue gun
safety pin
embroidery needle & floss

To create the card:
Step 1: take your color swatch and fold down 1/3 creating a flap
Step 2: to back the inside - lay swatch over scrapbooking paper to create a guide & cut to size
(I cut mine into 2 slices making it easier to bend so it's less bulky in the crease)
Step 3: paint thin layer of rubber cement on the back side of both surfaces
Step 4: blow on the adhesive until it's tacky, then press surfaces together to create a bond
Step 5: roll off excess glue with your finger tips

Decorate your love notes!

I used a heart hole punch that I got from BLICK for $6. great investment!
Also used some card board scrapbooking stickers from Michaels.
Notebook paper (tends to not be opaque so I added another page to back it before attaching)
Doilies (use just a touch of hot glue on this, tricky because of all the holes)
If you are using heavy or bulky things, add a dab of hot glue to reinforce them
(even if there is already adhesive).

To make the button closure:
Step 1: take the card & a button and visually place the button on the top flap
Step 2: use your safety pin to poke holes through the paper for a guide
Step 3: sew on the button with embroidery floss
Step 4: use your safety pin again, to create a hole through the back of the card
Step 5: knot a piece of embroidery floss and feed it through the back
making sure the placement is relative to the top flap button.  
leave the thread open ended to wind around the button on the top flap...
And you're done!

Easy, resourceful, creative & fun!

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