Tuesday, January 17, 2012

just my type.

Once again, I'm blogging about something that I found while antiquing in Ohio... 
Anyway, when I was at the old five & dime store I found a vintage Smith-Corona travel typewriter from 1954.  With the travel case intact & the product booklet in almost perfect condition.  
For $5. All I had to do was feed in a piece of paper and I was set to type.

These typewriters are insanely expensive when they are refurbished and the seller knows what they are dealing with. The exact one I found for five bucks easily sells for between $400 - $700.  
I got an email from fab.com last week highlighting a great deal on refurbished typewriters.  The same brand I found was marked down from $750 retail to the special price of $487. holy crap.

These typewriters are great antiques to have in your home, and it's been kind of fun to have it around.  Everyone that passes by seems to feel the urge to type a little message or random thought...

So keep your eyes out ladies and gentlemen.  These things are out there and they are waiting to be found.  If you should find yourself in a random small town, be sure to find the local antique store and dig around, you might be surprised with the gems you will find.

this is mine. :) if only it were pink.

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