Monday, January 9, 2012

scandal eyes vs. bad gal lash

I love Benefit Mascara.  Forever.  But, I was in a pinch the other day and had to pick up something cheap from Duane Reade.   Grabbed the first thing I saw, probably because of the neon orange packaging.  Anyway, I love big fat mascara wands so I was impressed with the brush.  First use was nothing but positive, but today I decided to put it up against my tried and true to see how it measured up.

Scandal Eyes: $8
has a richer black hue
wand is significantly shorter
not easy to layer coats
mascara clumps on wand
lashes stick together with additional coats
looks a bit wiry

Bad Gal Lash: $19
long, full wand
easy to layer coats
formula does not clump on wand
lashes stay separate with extra coats
looks feathery & full 

Over all... You get what you pay for.

Left: Benefit    Right: Rimmel


update: I tried it again.
Used no other eye make-up except for the Rimmel mascara, 
and today I liked it.  
I still would pick Bad Gal over Rimmel, but I'm pretty happy with the product.

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